Google+ invites now just a tweet away

Looking to boost your circle—or circles—of Google+ friends? Well, Google just made it a lot easier to invite your buddies to the search giant’s new social network.

A new feature on the Google+ invitation system lets you email, post, tweet, or otherwise share a single link to recruit more Google+ contacts, as TechCrunch reports. Until now, Google+ users had to send out invitations one at a time.

Google+ invites now just a tweet away

Just share your customized Google+ invitation link to boost your circles of Google+ pals.

If you’re already a Google+ member, just go to your Google+ “stream” and click the “Invite Friends” button in the right-hand column of the page. A pop-up window with your customized invitation link will appear; just copy the link, share it, and watch your Google+ friends circles start to grow.

The catch? The link is only good for 150 invitations.

And in the spirit of sharing … here’s my Google+ invitation link:

For more tips, tricks, and a beginner’s guide to Google+, visit here’s the thing’s Google+ information center.

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