Facebook tip: How to hide the ticker (or get it back, if you want)Connie writes: I hid the ticker on Facebook when it was first introduced. Now, I want it back. I’ve searched online, but none of the fixes I found work for me. Just wondering if you may have a solution? Thanks for your help.

Hide the Facebook Sidebar

Is the Facebook ticker bothering you? If so, select “Hide Sidebar” or “Hide Ticker” to make it disappear.

Hi Connie! Yep, I did the same thing when the Facebook ticker first came out: I switched it off. After all, who needs a constant stream of friend activity scrolling in the sidebar?

After awhile, though, I too began to miss it—and besides, it seems that Facebook make a few key changes to its secret sauce for the news feed ticker.

No longer a relentlessly marching scroll, the ticker now sits unobtrusively in the corner of the screen, displaying a handful of enticing news-feed tidbits that I frequently find myself clicking on.

Anyway, back to your question, Connie: how do you unhide the ticker (which shares space with Facebook chat in the Sidebar)?

Drag the divider between the Facebook ticker and chat

You can also hide (or reveal) the ticker by dragging the little divider in the Sidebar.

First, let’s talk about how to hide it—and there are a few different ways, actually.

  • Go to the very bottom of the sidebar, find and click the Settings button (it’s the gear-shaped one), then select Hide Sidebar; that’ll make both the ticker and the chat interface disappear. Or…
  • To keep chat but lose the ticker, click the Settings button and select Hide Ticker rather than Hide Sidebar.
  • Last but not least, you can also click, hold, and drag the little divider between the ticker and chat, and drag it all the way to the top of the page.

Now, want to turn the ticker back on? You’ll either need to…

  • Click the “Chat” button the bottom-right corner of the page; when you do, the Sidebar—complete with the ticker—will spring open. Or…
  • If you hid the ticker by sliding the Sidebar divider to the top of the page, go back up there and grab it, then drag it back down. You can also select Show Ticker from the Settings menu in the Sidebar.
Reveal the Facebook Sidebar

Have second thoughts about hiding the ticker? You can get it back with a single click.

Hope that helps, Connie. Still have questions? Let me know!

Bonus tips

  • The Sidebar will hide itself automatically if your browser window is small enough. Just expand the window until the Sidebar appears.
  • Can’t expand your browser window large enough for the Sidebar? If so, you’ll still see the ticker sitting in the right column, just above the “Trending” section. Click the little handle in the top-right corner of the ticker to hide it, or click it again to reveal it.

Update: Connie wrote back to report that even after following the steps above, she still couldn’t find the ticker. The reason? Hard to say, but one possibility is that the ticker doesn’t appear for those with fewer than 100 or so Facebook friends (as is the case with Connie). Anyone else noticing the same thing?

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