iOS 7 tip: How to delete all the messages in a conversation (Messages app) Lew writes: In iOS 6 on iPhone you could clear all messages from a conversation. Can’t find a way of doing that short of deleting the person in the first screen of messaging.

I like to keep my wife there since she is the one I need to text most often and quickly. Any idea how to do it in the message itself?

iOS 7 More button in Messages app

Tap and hold a message to make the “More” button appear.

Hi Lew! Try this:

  • Open your wife’s conversation in Messages, tap and hold a message, then tap the “More” button that appears.
  • Tap “Delete All” in the top-left corner of the screen.

That should delete all the messages in the conversation while keeping the conversation itself intact, and empty.

Lew replies: Man am I embarrassed! I just did not see that. The trash can at the bottom left caught my eye. Thanks for the help. Next time look at the whole screen Lew!

No worries. iOS 7 is such a big change from iOS 6 that it’s all too easy to get confused and miss the obvious—indeed, it’s happened to me, too.

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