Ever have second thoughts after deleting a photo or video from your iPhone or iPad? Up until now, you were pretty much out of luck—that is, unless you’d happened to save the snapshot somewhere else, or you restored a backup of your entire device.

Well, good news. With the arrival of iOS 8.1 (and thanks to the update, I’d say it’s safe to go ahead and make the jump to iOS 8, if you haven’t already), there’s finally a way to undelete an iPhone or iPad photo or video clip that you hastily deleted.

iOS 8.1 selecting photos to undelete

Tap the Select button in the corner of the screen, tap the trashed image or video clip you want to rescue, then tap Recover.

Here’s how…

  • Open the the Photos app, then tap the Albums tab.
  • At the bottom of your list of albums, you’ll find a new one labeled “Recently Deleted”; go ahead and tap it. Inside the album, you’ll see all the snapshots and videos you’ve trashed within the past 30 days, with a countdown timer on each photo showing the number of days left before the image is deleted for good.
  • Want to rescue a photo from the trash bin? Tap the Select button in the corner of the screen, tap the image or video clip you want to save, then tap Recover.

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