So, you were composing an email on your iPhone or iPad and stopped before finishing—and before you moved on, you tapped the “Save Draft” button so you could complete the message later. But where are your old email drafts when you need them?

You could try finding them by tapping your way back to a specific mail account and opening the Drafts folder, but that could take some doing—especially if you’re starting from the All Inboxes folder, or if you’re not sure which email account your draft is sitting in.

Compose button in Mail for iOS

Your Mail drafts are just a “long-press” of the Compose button away.

Well, good news: there’s an easier way to pull up your saved email drafts for all your iPhone/iPad email accounts, and it’s just a “long-press” away.

See the “Compose” button in the bottom-right corner of the Mail interface? Tap and hold it.

When you do, a window will slide up with a list of all your mail drafts, across all your accounts.

Just tap a draft to pick up where you left off.

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