It’s easy to forget the magazine and pay-TV subscriptions you signed up for through your iTunes subscriptions—or at least, they’re easy to forget until those auto-renewal notices unexpectedly land in your inbox.

If you’ve lost track of your various iTunes subscriptions, there’s a relatively easy way to view them all at once, as well as manage which ones will (or won’t) renew themselves automatically.

iTunes subscription - iTunes Store subscription page

You’ll need to open iTunes on a Mac or PC to view and manage your iTunes Store subscriptions.

First, launch iTunes on your Mac or PC desktop, then click Account, View My Account. You’ll probably be prompted to enter your iTunes Store password (which, remember, may or may not be the same as your iCloud account) before you can proceed.

Once that’s done, you’ll land on the Account Information page. Scroll down to the Settings section, then click the Manage link to the right of  your iTunes Subscriptions.

Now you should be at the Manage Subscriptions screen, where you’ll see a list of your active and expired iTunes subscriptions. For each entry, you’ll see the date when the subscription ends, as well as whether the subscription has its “automatic renewal” setting on or off.

To turn off automatic renewal for a subscription, click the Edit link, then toggle off the “Automatic Renewal” setting—and don’t worry, your subscription will remain active until its expiration date.

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