My iPhone’s battery is generally running on fumes by the end of the day. My Android phone? It’s dead by sundown without a midday charge.

A portable battery charger can give your dying iPhone or Android phone new life when you’re on the road, and at just $27, the top-rated Jackery Bolt (which got a nod from The Wirecutter) makes for an enticing option. The 5.3-ounce Bolt comes with a powered USB port plus a pair of charging cables: a “Lightning” cable for iPhones and iPads, and a Micro-USB cable for Android devices. The next time your iPhone or Android battery meter is buried in the red, just pull out your Bolt for a quick recharge—and if your friends are green-eyed with envy, you can offer them a charge, too.

Check out the Jackery Bolt portable charger on Amazon

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