Working from home with your MacBook or Windows laptop? It’ll feel like a whole new machine when you plug in a mouse, keyboard and external computer monitor, like this eye-popping 21.5-inch model by HP Pavilion.

On sale for $99, the HP Pavilion 22cwa boasts an anti-glare screen, full-HD resolution (that’s 1920 by 1080 pixels, for those of you counting), as well as a screen technology called IPS (In-Plane Switching) that makes for brighter images at any angle, meaning the picture won’t look washed-out when viewed from the side. You can plug the HP Pavilion 22cwa directly into the VGA or (more likely) HDMI output on your PC laptop. Got a Mac? This $9 “Thunderbolt” adapter will do the trick.

Check out the HP Pavilion 22cwa on Amazon!

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