Anyone want to play “Where’s Waldo?” with the Shuffle and Repeat buttons on the recently updated Music app for iOS? Nope, I didn’t think so, but looks like we’ll have to anyway.

As part of their endless tinkering with the Music app for iPhone and iPad, the big brains at Apple made a particularly confounding decision: they hid the Shuffle and Repeat buttons from the iPhone’s main music playback screen.

Where to find Shuffle and Repeat buttons on iOS Music app

Ah, there they are.

Just to be clear, there is still a visible “Shuffle All” button on, say, an album or artist track listing. But if you start playing a song and you make the mistake of opening the main music player, you’ll see playback buttons, a progress bar, a download button and an “AirPlay” button (which lets you stream tunes to an Apple TV), but no Shuffle or Repeat buttons.

Where did the Apple Music Shuffle and Repeat controls go, then?

Well, turns out you must swipe up to reveal the Shuffle and Repeat buttons, as well as a list of upcoming “Up Next” tracks.

Yep, pretty annoying—and I’ll bet the Shuffle and Repeat controls will be hiding somewhere else once the next major iOS update rolls around.

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