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Facebook tip: How to keep your list of Facebook friends private

Danelle writes: Love your tips about Facebook. Do you know of any way to not allow Facebook friends to view other friends profiles? I have a friend that snoops and I don’t want any comments made to any of my other friends that would cause harm. Any thoughts? Thanks…great job!

Hi Danelle, and thank you! So, here’s the deal: No, you can’t really prevent a Facebook friend from viewing the profiles of your other friends—although, hopefully, your friends have tweaked their privacy settings to keep non-friends from viewing their posts and profiles (a.k.a., “timelines”).

And if you have mutual Facebook friends, you’ll just have to watch what you say about one another on Facebook, just like you do in real life.

But here’s something else to consider: You can, if you like, keep one, some, or all of your friends from poking around your Facebook friend list.

Indeed, you actually have quite a bit of latitude when it comes to determining who can see your list of Facebook friends—and who can’t.

For example, you can hide your Facebook friend list from the entire world, if you wish, or make it viewable by anyone and everyone, save for one specific frenemy.

Select “Custom” from the privacy pull-down menu, then add the name of your nosy friend in the “Don’t share this with” section.

Here’s the trick…

Hope that helps, Danelle. Still have questions? Let me know!

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