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Facebook tip: How to remove an app from your Facebook account

Lost track of how many third-party apps and websites have access to your Facebook account? Trust me, you’re not the only one.

As it turns out, I’ve granted more than 30 (!) apps and websites access to my Facebook profile over the years. Some of them were games that I haven’t played in ages (remember Words With Friends?), others were apps that I’d tried once or twice and then immediately forgot (like Shareagift), and still others were apps with social features that I never use (like the ability to share my Netflix viewing history with Facebook friends—no thanks).

If you don’t want a specific app to have access to your Facebook account (including such personal info as your username, your gender, the Facebook networks you’ve joined, and your friends list), there’s an easy way to yank its Facebook privileges. Of course, doing so may log you out of the app and/or disable some social features.

You can cut off an app’s access to your Facebook account directly from your Android or iOS device.

Don’t want any apps or websites poking around your Facebook profile? If so, you can slam the door on all of them at once.

Here’s what you do…

On iOS and Android:

Once you deactivate Facebook’s Platform feature, no third-party apps or websites will be able to access your Facebook profile.

On a desktop web browser:

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