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Netflix tip: 4 easy ways to whip your stale Netflix “list” into shape

So, is your Netflix streaming queue—er, “list“—starting to grow cobwebs? Keep seeing the same dull movie recommendations over and over? Or has your toddler’s taste for Barney taken over your “Top Picks” section?

With a little effort, you can shake up your stagnating Netflix list and find some truly enticing movies and TV shows to watch, from timeless classics to guilty pleasures.

Read on for four ways to stock your Netflix list with up better videos, starting with…

1. Get your old Netflix queue back

So, first things first: what happened to our old Netflix queues, and why can’t we order them any way we want?

There’s an easy way to keep Netflix from sorting your “list” automatically.

Well, several months ago, Netflix decided to reboot the whole “queue” concept into something called “My List.”

With the new name came a new feature: automatic ordering, in which Netflix-suggested titles are “promoted” to the top of the list—which is actually more of a grid of movie posters.

If you love the new wall of auto-ordered “My List” videos, great. Want your old queue back—along with the ability to reorder it yourself?

Here’s the trick…

2. Rate more movies

The big brains at Netflix have spend many years and millions of dollars perfecting the secret sauce in their video recommendation “engine”—you know, the one that tees up movies and TV shows in the “Top Picks” section of your account.

The more movies and TV shows you rate on Netflix, the better your recommendations will be.

OK, but what if you’re not that impressed with the the videos Netflix thinks you want to watch? If that’s the case, you can help improve your personalized Netflix picks by rating some movies yourself.

Here’s how…

3. Create a Netflix profile for every family member—including your kids

My little two-year-old daughter loves Barney. Loves it. Can’t get enough. And when she’s home sick, I’ll give in to her sniffly, weepy pleas and dial up her favorite purple dinosaur on Netflix.

Don’t want Barney taking over your Netflix account? If so, make sure to create separate profiles for your kids.

The only problem, though, is that my Netflix suggestions page is now littered with picks only a toddler would love, from “Barney: Let’s Go to the Zoo” to “Thomas & Friends: Sticky Situations.” Ugh.

The solution: Create separate Netflix profiles for each member of your family, particularly your little ones.

Not only will it keep Barney from taking over your list of saved videos, it’ll also come in handy if your significant other has a hankering for a particular genre—say, zombie movies—that you’d rather skip.

Now, the next time your little one wants to watch Barney or Dora, make sure to switch to her profile when you log into Netflix—and make sure you’re logged into your own profile whenever you’re organizing your list, streaming shows, or rating movies.

4. Sort video categories by rating

Nothing that appealing in the scrolling rows of videos on Netflix’s main page? You might have better luck by diving into a particular genre—and when you do, don’t forget to sort.

Dive into Netflix’s video genres to sort movies and TV shows by star rating.

Netflix lets you sort its various categories and subcategories by year, MPAA rating, and (of course) alphabetically. If you ask me, though, sorting by star rating is the best way to bubble up some videos you’ll definitely want to watch.

Got more Netflix tricks you’d like to share? Post ’em below!

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