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iCloud tip: Hide unwanted apps from your list of Purchased apps

George writes: I have deleted apps and noticed they are stored on iCloud after being deleted. Is there any way to delete unwanted apps from iCloud? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi George! While you can’t actually delete unwanted apps from iCloud, you can hide them from your list of purchased items.

(And in case you’re wondering, no—purchased apps don’t count against your allotment of iCloud storage.)

You can hide apps, music, videos, or books from your Purchased list with a little help from iTunes.

Now, you used to be able to hide purchased apps directly from your iPhone/iPad, but that feature seems to have been disabled sometime after last fall’s big iOS 6 update.

That said, you can still hide apps—or purchased music, videos, or books for that matter—with a little help from iTunes on your Mac or PC.

Here’s how…

Bonus tip

Want to get your hidden apps, music, or videos back? No problem…

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