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iOS tip: How to manage (or delete) saved passwords in Safari

Update [10/2017]: This tip was edited to account for changes in iOS 11.

It’s easy to tap “Yes” whenever Safari for iPhone or iPad asks whether you’d like to save a web password you just entered. But what happens to all those saved passwords in Safari for iOS, and how do you edit or delete them?

The answer: just dig into your iOS settings, where you can view a list of all your previously saved web passwords.

Once you get to your list of saved passwords in Safari for iOS, you can view, edit or delete them.

Once you’re there, you can edit or delete saved passwords in Safari, and—if you’re really worried about security—you can even ask Safari to stop bothering you about saving any more web passwords.

To see your big list of web passwords, tap Settings, Accounts & Passwords, App & Website Passwords; you’ll then need to enter your passcode or confirm your identity with Touch ID.

Go ahead and tap any entry to view your saved username or password for a given site; you can also tap the Edit button in the top corner to make any changes.

Toggle off the Names and Passwords setting to stop Safari from asking you to save any more web passwords.

Want to delete saved passwords in Safari? Return to the App & Website Passwords screen, tap the Edit button in the top-right corner, select any password entries you’d like to zap, then tap Delete. (Nope, there’s no Delete All button, unfortunately.)

Last but not least, you can set Safari to stop asking whether you’d like to save a web password. Go back to the main Settings screen, Safari, AutoFill, then toggle off the Names and Passwords setting.

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