Tap the address bar in Safari for iPhone or iPad, you’ll reveal a panel of your Favorites—that is, web pages that you’ve bookmarked in the Safari Favorites folder.

That much you may already know. What you may not know, however, is how to quickly add new sites to the Favorites panel, or how easily to can rearrange, rename or delete your Favorites buttons. You can even turn a different folder of Safari bookmarks into your Favorites.

Read on for three ways to make the most of your Safari Favorites, starting with…

safari favorite - Reveal the iOS Add a Favorite button

There’s an easy way to add sites to your Favorites on an iPhone or iPad.

Quickly mark a site as a Favorite

So, what’s the easiest way to designate a web site as one of your Favorites? Well, you could open the site on your iPhone, tap the Action button (the square one with the upward arrow), tap Add Bookmark, tap Location (almost there!), then tap Favorites.

If you’re using Safari on a Mac and you’re syncing your bookmarks with iCloud, you could just drag and drop a URL in the address bar into the Favorites bar—not too much work.

By far the easiest way to turn a web site into a Favorite, though, is this: open the site in Safari on your iPhone or iPad, tap the address bar, then tug down on the Favorites panel to reveal the Add to Favorites button. Tap it, and done!

safari favorites - Drag an iOS Safari Favorite

Want to rearrange your Favorites? Just tap, hold and drag.

Rearrange, rename, or delete a Favorite

Want to juggle the order of your Favorites buttons, change their names, or nix them altogether? Easily done.

Tap the address bar to open the Favorites panel, then tap and hold a Favorites button. Now, drag it up, down, left or right; when you do, the other buttons will scoot out of the way. When you’re happy with the new position of the button, just let it go.

To edit a Favorite’s name or delete it, tap and hold its button, then release. A pop up with two buttons—Delete and Edit—will appear. Tap Delete to trash the Favorite, or Edit to change its name or URL.

Turn any bookmarks folder into your Safari favorites

Nope, there’s no iOS law saying that the Favorites folder in Safari is the only bookmarks folder that can contain your Favorites.

safari favorites - Pick a new Favorites folder in iOS

You can choose any of your bookmark folders to be your Favorites, not just the default Favorites folder.

In fact, you can choose any of your bookmark folders to be your Favorites, not just the default Favorites folder.

If, for example, you’ve created a folder full of web tools you need for work, or a folder of your favorite online news sites, you can quickly designate either one of those as your Favorites in Safari.

Here’s the trick…

  • Tap Settings, Safari.
  • Head for the General section, then tap Favorites.
  • Go ahead and select any one of your bookmark folders.

Now, go back to Safari, tap the address bar, and presto: your Favorite sites should now be the same as those in the folder you selected.

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