Community policy

A thriving, helpful, and supportive community is a crucial part of here’s the thing.

Our comments section serves as a place for readers to ask questions, offer help, and deliver constructive feedback—and to the 99.9% of readers who do just that, I offer my thanks and gratitude.

That said, the comments section isn’t a free-for-all or a soapbox. For that reason, all comments are screened before being published, and those (very few) comments that don’t meet our guidelines will be deleted.

Here’s my general policy: comments that are abusive, off-topic, profane, unnecessarily mean-spirited or otherwise inappropriate will be deleted, at my sole discretion.

A few more ground rules:

  • Thoughtful, concrete, and relevant comments are always encouraged.
  • Please stick to the topic. Comments that veer off into rants or flames that aren’t directly related to the topic at hand will be deleted.
  • Any hateful, vulgar, racist or sexist comments will be deleted immediately.
  • Personal attacks against another reader, or me personally, are strictly forbidden.
  • Any comments containing “spam,” including links to outside sites unrelated to the topic at hand, will be deleted.
  • The generally accepted Internet etiquette is to refrain from using ALL CAPS (that is, all capital letters) in comments—it’s considered (and sounds like) yelling. Comments written in all caps for no good reason will be deleted.
  • Please don’t post the same comment over and over again. Duplicate comments will be deleted.
  • Comments along the lines of “this tip is totally obvious” or “everyone already knew this” aren’t helpful or relevant to the community, and they’re insulting to readers who didn’t already know the tip—and yes, such comments will be deleted. Those who think the tips or how-tos I deem tip-worthy for here’s the thing are beneath them should feel free to frequent another tech blog.
  • Nobody’s perfect. I hate typos and factual errors as much as the next person, but mistakes happen. If you find a goof in one of my stories, by all means, feel free to courteously let me know. But rants about my personal failings serve only to distract and disrupt the conversation, and will be deleted.
  • The tech deals I post usually expire after a certain amount of time, so don’t be surprised by price changes on older posts. If you have a beef about the new price, take it up with the merchant, not with me or the community.
  • Comments from those trying to advertise their own products will be deleted.
  • See a comment that you didn’t like? Click the little flag icon directly beneath the comment to bring it to my attention.
  • Last but not least, I reserve the right to delete any comment that I see fit, at my sole and final discretion.

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