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iPad tip: 6 great iPad tips and tricks you need to tryThe iPad will be adding a bunch of eye-popping tricks—ranging from drag-and-drop between apps to an improved, symbol-friendly keyboard—once iOS 11 arrives this fall. That said, the current version of iOS is no slouch when it comes to nifty only-on-iPad features. Read on for 8 awesome iPad tips, from the ability to split the keyboard to the multitasking “Split View” feature. Read More

Bose Solo 5 TV sound barNope, you don’t have to settle for tinny sound from your HDTV’s puny speakers. Instead, you can bathe your living room in Bose-quality sound, and you can do so for a lot less than you might think.

Normally selling for $250 and up, the Bose Solo 5 stereo sound bar is on sale for $198, its lowest price ever on Amazon. Update [5pm ET]: Well, that didn’t last long; the price just went back up to $224 (sad face).

The single-speaker Bose Solo 5 sound bar plugs into your HDTV via a single connection. Just set the Solo 5 in front of your TV set, crank the volume, and enjoy the supple sound. Read More

RavPower 12000 portable batteryIf you’ve been holding out for a great deal on a portable battery charger for your iPhone or Android phone, now might be a good time to strike.

The $17.59 RavPower 12000 phone charger (75 percent off its $70 list price) boasts a pair of fast-charging USB ports. That means you can charge two devices at once, perfect for sharing a charge during a long-haul flight.

Once fully juiced up, the RavPower 12000 can charge an iPhone 7 more than four times over. The RavPower portable battery can also charge an iPad Mini up to 1.8 times, or a jumbo-sized phone like the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S7 up to three times. Read More

HP Stream lightweight laptopWeighing in at just 2.57 pounds and boasting an eye-catching purple shell, the $190 HP Stream 11 (12% off) is a lightweight laptop that’s perfect for students. Better still, it won’t break the bank.

The slim-and-trim Stream runs Windows 10, meaning it can run applications ranging from Photoshop to MS Word. This lightweight laptop also boasts an 11.6-inch display, a full-size keyboard, 32GB of internal storage, and 10 hours of battery life. Read More

YI home security camera for under $200Been shopping for your first home security camera, but balked at the $150-plus price tags for the higher-end models? This budget Wi-Fi cam might be just the ticket.

On sale for $30 (that’s 25% off), the wireless YI Home Camera boasts lots of features for the price. It has a wide-angle lens, a night-vision mode, motion detection, two-way audio (meaning you can remotely shush a fussy baby back to sleep), and local video storage via a microSD memory card slot (cards of up to 32GB are supported).

Also, you can stream live video from the YI Home Camera to your iPhone or Android phone. Lastly, you can even get real-time alerts whenever the cam detects activity in the room.

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