Facebook most recent URL How to make your Facebook news feed default to most recent stories firstHad it up to here with the “highlighted” stories at the top of your Facebook news feed? Well, you can always sort your feed by “most recent” rather than “highlighted,” but there’s just one problem: the next time you return to Facebook, you’ll probably be stuck looking at “highlighted” stories again.

First, the bad news: there’s no official way to permanently switch your news feed stories to chronological order. The good news? You can add a Facebook bookmark to your browser that’ll make your feed default to the “most recent” sorting option.

You can click this link right here to open a new browser window with the custom Facebook link, or you can copy and paste the link below:


That little bit of extra code at the end of the link tells Facebook to sort your news feed in chronological (or “chr”) order. A second URL, “https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_nor,” sorts your feed by “highlighted” stories (or posts that Facebook thinks are most relevant to you), and I’m guessing that the “nor” in that link stands for “normal.”

Now, here’s the thing about bookmarking this tweaked Facebook URL: while it’ll definitely force your news feed to default to “most recent” on your initial visit, your feed may revert to sorting by “highlighted” stories as you continue to browse.

Yep, pretty annoying, but at least you can snap back to chronological sorting by clicking your new bookmark again.

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