How to forward text messages from an iPhone to email iPhone tip: How to forward text messages to your email accountJayne writes: Is it possible to email my text messages (that I need to keep permanently) to myself, so that I can print them? I’ve been Googling this, but have only found apps for Android phones, not iPhones or Macs.

Hi Jayne! I did a little searching on the App Store and found a few for-pay apps (like this one) that will, indeed, export text messages from your iPhone to your Mac or PC.

But here’s the thing: you can actually forward texts to an e-mail address from the iPhone’s Messages app right now, for free—or at least, not counting any text-messaging fees charged by your wireless carrier.

You can forward a single text message or an entire conversation, and the messages will appear in your inbox, most likely as a plain-text (TXT) attachment.

iPhone text messages forwarded via email 300x196 iPhone tip: How to forward text messages to your email account

Any text messages you forward via email will usually arrive as a plain-text attachment.

Here’s how…

  • Launch the Messages app, then tap the conversation with the text messages you want to forward.
  • Next, tap the “Edit” button in the top-right corner of the screen. When you do, all the messages in the conversation thread will scoot to the right, making room for a new column of circles on the left.
  • Tap the circle next to the message you want to forward to yourself—and yes, you can select a bunch of messages at once, or even all of them.
  • Done selecting messages? Tap the blue Forward button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Now, type an email address—your own, in this case. If you have your email addresses saved in your iPhone’s address book, you can also just tap in your name and select your email address from the list that appears.
  • All set? Tap the “Send” button. Within a minute or so, the text message(s) should arrive in your inbox, with a “From” address that (most likely) includes your mobile phone number. If the text messages arrived as a text file, just double-click the TXT attachment to look inside and/or print the contents.

Hope that helps, Jayne. Have more questions? Let me know.

Bonus tip

Are the text messages you’re trying to forward to yourself merely reappearing on your iPhone?

Maybe it’s because the email address you selected is associated with Apple’s iMessage service. (Hint: Look for a telltale blue dialog bubble next to the email address.)

The solution: Pick another email address that isn’t tied to iMessage.

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