Add a contact to your Android phone home screen Android tip: How to add a contact to your home screenWho needs phone favorites when you can just add a one-touch shortcut for your most important contacts, friends, and loved ones to your Android phone’s home screen?

Android contact shortcut 300x238 Android tip: How to add a contact to your home screen

Add a contact shortcut to your Android phone’s home screen for one-touch access to phone numbers, email addresses, URLs, and more.

Good question—and indeed, the ability to pin a contact directly to your home screen is such a no-brainer that I can’t believe it’s still not possible on an iPhone (or not without a third-party app, at least).

Anyway, adding a shortcut for a contact to your Android phone’s home screen is a snap.

Here’s how…

    • Open the People app on your Android phone, then browse or search for a specific contact. (Note: these steps may vary depending on the make and model of your Android phone. I tested this tip on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running on Android version 4.2.2.)
    • Found the right contact? Tap the name, then tap the three-dot menu in the top-right corner of the screen.
    • Tap the “Place on Home Screen” option.
Android People app options 293x300 Android tip: How to add a contact to your home screen

You can add a contact to your Android phone’s home screen in just a few taps.

  • Go back to your home screen to find the new shortcut for your contact. Can’t find it? If your main home screen is too cluttered, your contact may be sitting on a secondary screen; just flick left or right to shuffle through them all.
  • Tap the shortcut to get a pop-up window with a menu of phone numbers; tap one to make a call, or tap one of the little messaging icons on the right to compose a new text message. You can also tap the Gmail, Google Maps, and web tabs for email addresses, street addresses, and relevant URLs.
  • Don’t want a particular contact shortcut on your home screen anymore? Tap and hold it, then drag it up to the “Remove” icon near the top of the screen.

Bonus tip

Want to take all the contact icons on your various home screens and group them together? Just tap, hold, and drag one contact icon on top of another to create a new home-screen folder, then give it a name (like “My Favorites”).

Update: Got the Samsung Galaxy S4? If so, longtime reader Steve C. has a tip for you…

Figured out adding contact shortcut to home screen on Galaxy S4: In Contact list – hold finger down on name – list opens – choose add shortcut to home. My wife discovered this.

Thanks, Steve!

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