Lilyan writes: Read your tip about disabling the Cap Lock on a Mac. Is there a way to do it on a non-Mac computer? Thanks.

Hi Lilyan! Unfortunately, because there are so many makes and models of Windows PCs, there’s no easy, one-size-fits-all way to disable the Caps Lock key.

That said, it’s a snap to make your PC “beep” whenever the Caps Lock key is pressed—not a perfect solution, mind you, but it’s better than nothing.

Windows Toggle Keys settings

The “Toggle Keys” setting will make your Windows PC beep whenever you strike the Caps Lock key.

Let’s give it a try…

  • Open the Control Panel (it’s in the Start Menu under Windows 7, or you can search for it from the Windows 8 Start screen), then click the Ease of Access heading.
  • Click the “Change how your keyboard works” link under the “Ease of Access Center” section.
  • Under the “Make it easier to type” heading, check the box next to “Turn on Toggle Keys,” then click the Apply button at the bottom of the window.
  • All done? Hit the Caps Lock key, and you’ll hear a beep.

Hope that helps!

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