Belinda writes: I have a MacBook Air, almost one year old. Recently I switched from Mozilla Firefox to Safari. When I did that on some sites the fonts are really small.

So I use Command + and – to make the fonts larger or smaller. But when I close the site out and then log back in, the fonts are small again.

Do you know how to make the fonts stay the size I need them from site to site?

Hi Belinda! There’s no Safari setting I know of that will “remember” custom font sizes for your favorite web sites, but there is a way to keep fonts on any web page from ever getting too tiny.

Mac Safari minimum font size setting

Just choose a minimum font size in Safari from the drop-down menu, or type in a size of your own.

Give this a try…

  • Open Safari, click the Safari menu in the top-left corner of the page, select Preferences, then click the Advanced tab in the window that pops open.
  • Check the box labeled “Never use font sizes smaller than,” then pick a size from the drop-down menu—anything from 9 to 24. You can also go ahead and type in any font size you wish.
  • Now, visit any web page—and depending on the minimum font size you picked, the text on the page should immediately jump in size.
  • Not happy with the result? (Yes, the results can get downright weird if you pick a large enough font.) Go back and tinker with the font size until you’re satisfied.

Hope that helps, Belinda. Still have questions? Let me know!

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