Phil writes: Thanks for the tip on the full-screen button [in Yosemite for Mac]. What happened to the Favorites toolbar? Now it seems that you have to click the little box on the left to get the tool bar to drop and then select. Seems long winded.

Hi Phil! I too was a bit surprised that Safari’s Favorites bar—you know, the bar with buttons for all your favorite sites that sits just below the address bar—disappeared once I installed the Yosemite update on my Mac. What happened?

Favorites bar in Safari for Yosemite

Phew, it’s back!

Well, never fear. The Favorites bar isn’t gone forever. It’s just hiding.

To reveal the old Favorites bar, click the View menu, then select Show Favorites Bar. Done!

Want to keep the Favorites bar hidden? If so, you can still get to your favorites by clicking the address bar. When you do, a panel with icons for all your favorite sites will slide out. Click an icon to visit a favorite.

Or, here’s another option: As Phil notes, you can click the sidebar button in the top-left corner of the Safari window. When the sidebar appears, click the left Bookmarks tab, then open up the Favorites section.

Bonus tip

Want to know the easiest way to add a site to the Favorites bar? Just drag its URL from the address bar into the Favorites bar; when you do, the buttons for other favorite sites will scoot out of the way.

Need to delete a favorite? Just drag it out of the Favorites bar.

Got more questions about Yosemite—or Mac OS X in general? Let me know!