Spot an article in your Facebook news feed that’s too enticing to miss, yet you don’t have time to sit down and give it a good read?

Sure, you could save the story as a bookmark in your web browser, but that could be a little tricky if you’re on the go with your iPhone or Android phone, or if you’re sneaking peeks at Facebook while you’re on the clock.

Facebook Saved section

Click the “Saved” section in the left column of your Facebook news feed to see your list of saved articles.

Well, good news: there’s a new Facebook feature that makes it easy to save those gotta-click articles—everything from “Why Do Americans Stink at Math” to “16 Cats Who Think They’re Kangaroos.”

The trick: Clicking (or tapping) on that little downward arrow in the top-right corner of a Facebook post.

Click the arrow, and a little sub-menu will appear, complete with a new option: “Save [title of article]”.

Once you click or tap “Save,” the link in the post will be added to the Saved section in the left column of your Facebook feed. Using the Facebook app for iOS or Android? You’ll find your “Saved” articles by tapping the three-line “More” button.

Saved articles and locations in Facebook

Facebook’s “Save” feature only saves links to articles, music, movies, and other items, not the posts themselves or comments.

The new Save feature doesn’t just work for linked articles and stories in your news feed; it’ll also save linked locations, music, and movies mentioned in a post, as well as TV shows, books, and events.

What kinds of posts can’t you save? Photo posts, for starters, as well as standard text-only posts.

Also, keep in mind that when you save a linked article using Facebook’s “Save” feature, you’re only saving the actual link, not the post itself or any comments on the post.

Bonus tip

Your “Saved” section in Facebook is only accessible while you’re online. If you want to save an article for offline reading, consider an app like Instapaper or Pocket. which not only save lengthy articles for later but also formats them for easy reading.

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