For years, I’ve been using a universal TV remote to take charge of my HDTV, my Blu-ray player, my Apple TV and my gaming consoles. Frankly, I’d be lost without my Harmony remote, and for today only, one of the newer models is on sale today for just $80, or 86 percent off its usual $250 sticker price.

Capable of controlling up to 15 home theater components, the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR All In One Remote boasts the usual array of TV remote buttons—you know, Play and Pause, fast-forward and reverse, plus volume and channel buttons—as well as a roomy touchscreen that you can customize however you want.

An online tool holds helps you set up the remote to work with your components, and once you’re done, tapping a single button—such as, say, “Watch Apple TV”—will turn on your TV, switch it to the right input, power up your receiver (if you have one), control the Apple TV interface and let you adjust the volume, all without having to pick up a second remote.

Check out the Logitech Harmony Ultimate One IR All In One Remote on Amazon!

Note: Amazon’s Harmony remote sale ends Monday, December 19, 2016 at 11:59 pm ET.

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