If you were bummed that you missed Amazon’s holiday sale on its impressive 7-inch Fire tablet, good news: the price just dropped to $40 again, this time for Amazon’s Valentine’s Day Deals sale.

Normally priced at $50, Amazon’s 7-inch Fire tablet is a steal at 40 bucks. Boasting front- and rear-facing cameras as well as 8 GB of storage (which you can easily expand thanks to the microSD memory card slot), the Fire tablet makes for a great way to read Kindle books, stream Prime Video movies and TV shows, and even chat with Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant (like Siri on an iPhone). You’ll also be able to browse the web, check your email, and get access to thousands of apps on Amazon’s app store, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Netflix.

Check out the $40 Fire tablet on Amazon!

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