Facebook tip: Teach people how to pronounce your nameTired of people mispronouncing your name? There’s an easy-to-miss Facebook setting that lets you show your profile visitors the right way to say it, and they can even hear the correct pronunciation by clicking a tiny “Play” button.

Facebook how to pronounce name settings

Click the blue “Play” button next to the Preview heading to hear how your name will sound to your profile visitors.

Just go to your Facebook profile, click the About tab (just below your name), click Details About You in the left column, then click “How do you pronounce your name?”

When you do, Facebook will serve up a variety of ways to pronounce your first and last names; choose the ones that work best, or write your own. You can also click the little blue “Play” button next to each option to hear how the pronunciation will sound to your profile visitors.

Once you’re finished, click the Play button next to the Preview heading for a final listen. Sound good? Then click Save Changes.

Now, head back to the main Facebook profile screen—and when you do, you’ll see the proper pronunciation of your name listen in the Intro section, up near the top of the page.

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