Don’t like the idea that you can be tagged in any photo uploaded to Facebook—including, say, that snapshot from the holiday party you’d rather forget? I don’t blame you.

But while Facebook’s improved privacy controls (which went live last summer) won’t stop your fellow Facebookers from tagging you in photos and posts, you’ll at least get the chance to approve—or not—any tagged snapshots before they pop up on your Timeline.

It’s a welcome change, but you’ll have to turn on Facebook’s “Timeline Review” setting for the feature to work. Here’s how to do it.

Note: Did you come here looking for “Profile Review”? If so, you’re in the right place. Facebook renamed the former Profile Review feature as “Timeline Review” when it launched Timeline in late 2011. 

  • Click the little downward arrow in the upper-right corner of any Facebook page, then select “Privacy Settings.”
  • Head for the middle of the next page and click the “Edit Settings” link next to the “Timeline & Tagging” heading.
  • Select the “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline” on the pop-up window that appears, choose “Enabled” from the pull-down menu, then click the “Back” button.
  • Finally, click the blue “Done” button.

Now, any photos or posts that someone else tags with your name will appear in a “Pending Posts” tap along the top of your profile page, where you can give them your stamp of approval—or a thanks, but no thanks—before they appear on your timeline.

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