6 gotta-have iPhone apps for ThanksgivingAh, the joys of turkey day: hours of cooking, endless cleaning, mounds of dry stuffing, and endless stories told by tipsy relatives. Need a break? Sure you do.

Read on for six iPhone apps that’ll help you get that bird ready, mix some much-needed cocktails, or simply pass the time during Uncle Bob’s favorite story from Thanksgiving, 1987.

Just don’t let anyone catch you peeking at your iPhone while you’re sitting at the table.

Turkey Calls App (free)
Who doesn’t love a good turkey call? We’re talking clucks, purrs, cackles, and of course, gobbles. Gets funnier after a glass of egg nog or two, I’m told.

How to Cook Everything

How to Cook Everything ($4.99)
The classic cookbook by Mark Bittman comes to the iPhone, complete with 2,000 recipes, hundreds of illustrations, cooking timers, and more.

Whack-A-Turkey Game (free)
Give Angry Birds a break with 15 levels of free, feathered fun.

Ultimate Charades ($2.99)
Dinner’s over, the kids are restless, but (unfortunately) there’s still a few hours of visiting to endure—er, enjoy. Yes, it’s time for charades, and this handy iPhone app comes armed with a timer, plus dozens of suggestions ranging from movies and TV shows to songs and famous people.

Cocktails HD

Cocktails HD ($0.99)
Get creative this year, impress your friends, and liven up the party with holiday-themed cocktails like the Candy Cain Martini and the Green Grinch. You can even surprise your thirsty relatives with the app’s “Random Shake” mode.

ESPN ScoreCenter (free)
Want to check the score during dinner without getting in trouble? Duck under the table with the free ESPN mobile app, complete with live scores and real-time alerts. Before you arm any alerts, though, be sure to activate your iPhone’s “silent” mode.