How to turn iPad into a digital photo frameWith a single tap, you can launch a slideshow on your iPad that pulls pictures from any photo album you choose.

The secret? A little button in the bottom-right corner of the iPad’s “lock” screen. Tap the button, and your slideshow will begin—perfect for turning your iPad into an instant digital photo frame on your desk.

Update [11/6/13]: Unfortunately, it appears Apple has yanked the iPad’s photo frame feature from iOS 7. There are, however, plenty of photo frame apps for the iPad in the App Store.

iPad photo frame buttons

Just press the photo frame button to launch a slideshow from the iPad’s lock screen.

Don’t see the photo frame button? Here’s a question: Did you set a passcode for the iPad’s lock screen? If so, you’ll need to tweak a setting to make the photo frame button appear:

  • Tap the Settings icon from the iPad home screen, tap General in the left-hand column, then tap Passcode Lock.
  • Once you’ve entered your passcode, switch the Picture Frame setting to “On.” Keep in mind, though, that with the picture frame button enabled, anyone will be able to start a slideshow on your iPad, even if they don’t know your iPad’s passcode.

Want to change the settings for your iPad slideshows? Just go to the Settings menu and tap Photo Frame in the left-hand column.

From here, you can switch from a normal “dissolve” between your photos to the snazzier “origami” transition, which makes your snapshots flip open and unfold in an appropriately eye-catching fashion.

You can also choose how long you’d like each photo to be displayed (anywhere from two to 20 seconds), whether you’d like your snapshots shuffled or displayed in order, and pick a specific photo album or “face” for your slideshow.

Had enough of the photo frame action? Tap the iPad’s screen, then tap the photo frame button again to return to the standard iPad lock screen.

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