Want to cozy up to a digital fireplace as you unwrap your Christmas presents? You can find dozens of Yule log videos on YouTube, of course, but most of them are too short to last even through the stocking stuffers.

String enough videos together, though, and you’ll have a crackling, YouTube-powered fireplace glowing all morning.

The trick: creating a video playlist, perfect for taking an all-day tour of your favorite YouTube Yule logs—the more, the merrier.

Here’s how to do it…

    • First, you’ll need a free YouTube account. Creating one takes just a few seconds, or you can log in to YouTube using your Google or Gmail profile.
    • Next, start searching for Yule log videos. You can refine and sort your results by clicking the “Filters” menu just beneath the search box.
    • Find a Yule log that suits your fancy? Click the “Add to” tab just beneath the video player (make sure to click through to the video itself from the search results page). A new “Add to playlist” section will appear, complete with a gray box containing the playlists (if any) that you’ve created in the past.
    • Beneath the gray box, you’ll see a form labeled “Enter new playlist name.” Go ahead and make up a name (like “My favorite YouTube Yule logs”), select a privacy setting (Public or Private), then click the “Create playlist” button.
YouTube add to playlist

Just click your Yule log playlist in the gray box to add more videos.

  • Now repeat the process as you find more Yule log videos—except instead of creating a new playlist for each one, look in the gray “Add to playlist” box and click the Yule log playlist you just created.
  • Want to see the results? Click the “Guide” button in the top-left corner of the page, just beneath the YouTube logo, then click the “Playlists” (or “Playlist updated”) link.
  • You should now see a list of all the playlists you’ve created. Click the link for your new Yule log playlist, and it should begin playing automatically, one Yule log after another.
  • Want to change the order of your YouTube Yule logs, change the name of your playlist, or make it public? Click the Guide button (top-left corner of the page) again, click Playlists, and click the Manage button (beneath and to the right of the search box). Finally, click the Edit button next to your Yule log playlist.

So, want to see a Yule log video playlist created by yours truly? Click here to view it on YouTube, or just check out the video player below:

[youlist pid=”PLVpVCxmbeSFyX2lSr-MH8l7Ue253Gq4_7″ width=600]

Bonus tip

You can view your Yule log playlist on your Android phone, iPhone or iPad from Google’s YouTube mobile app.

Just log into your Google account, tap your name in the left column of the interface (on iPhones and smaller Android phones, you may have to tap the top-left menu button first to reveal the column of options), then tap Playlists.

Oh, one more thing…

Happy holidays, everyone!