iOS 7 tip: The new way to close an app (reader mail)@theboogeydown (via Twitter) writes: Double click on home button, beautiful display of what’s running in background. How do I close those individual apps?

Hi there! With prior version of iOS for iPhone and iPad, the way to shut down a specific app was to double-click the home button, tap and hold the app in the row of icons along the bottom of the screen, and then tap the little “x” in the corner of the icon.

With iOS 7, though, all that’s changed—and for the better, if you ask me.

Now, you still double-click the home key to reveal the row of all your running apps, along with a new row above of corresponding, card-like “previews,” each stamped with a still image of what a given app was recently doing.

If you try to tap and hold a specific app icon along the bottom of the screen to quit the app, nothing will happen.

Instead, just tap and hold the app’s preview card, then flick up.

Whoosh! The preview card flies off the screen, shutting down the app in the process.

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