iOS 7 tip: How to access "list" view in the new Calendar appPeter writes: I like the list view for my calendar. Have we lost this with iOS 7?

Hi Peter! So, short answer: no, the old “list” view is still there in the new iOS 7 Calendar app, provided you know where to look.

Indeed, the Calendar app got one of the biggest iOS 7 makeovers of all the “native” iOS apps, and while buttons for the new day, month, and year views are fairly obvious, the handy “list” view—which corrals all your upcoming events into a simple list—is easy to miss.

Search button in iOS 7 Calendar app

Tap the Search button to get the old “list” view in Calendar for iOS 7.

The trick? Just tap the Search icon (the little magnifying glass at the top of the screen).

Update [3/17/14]: With the recent release of iOS 7.1, there’s now a new way to get to “list” view in the Calendar app. Click here for all the details.

When you do, the familiar list view will appear—or at least, the new, iOS 7-ized version of the list view.

Go ahead and tap an event to view or edit it, or tap the Search box at the top of the screen to search your events.

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