So, you’re sitting at your laptop when the thought flits through your mind: Gotta get some milk on the way home. Cannot. Forget.

But then you remember that your Android phone is in the other room (so far away!), and you get a little lazy. After all, you’ll remember the milk when you see the store, right?

Well, good news for those of us who can’t be bothered to retrieve our handsets: there’s an insanely easy way to set up Android reminders directly from your PC’s web browser.

Setting up a reminder in the Google search box

Just type a reminder directly into the main Google search box on the web.

The trick: just type your reminder into Google search—yep, the main Google search box on the web.

Type in “remind me to pick up milk tonight,” and a “Create reminder” form will appear, with “Pick up milk” already filled in and “Today” and “7:00 PM” selected in the time and date fields.

You can click on any of the fields to make changes or edits, and you can also click the “Where” option to have Google (or Google Now, to be specific) trigger the reminder at a place rather than a time.

Ready to create the reminder? Click the “Remind me on Google Now” link, and the reminder will automatically be added to your Android phone.

The catch? You’ll need to be signed into your Google account, and you must be using the same account for your Android device.

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