For some of us, double-clicking the iPhone or iPad Home key to switch from one app to another isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.

If you don’t (or can’t) click fast enough, you’ll just wind up back on the home screen.

iOS Home-click speed setting

By tweaking a single setting, you can make the iPhone’s “home-click” speed much easier on your thumb.

Well, here’s the thing: you can actually slow down the speed with which you need to double-click (or triple-click, as the case may be) the Home key, perfect for those of us lacking split-second reflexes.

Here’s how…

  • Tap Settings, General, Accessibility, then scroll all the way down and tap “Home-click Speed” (it’s under the “Physical & Motor” setting).
  • Now, pick a new double-click speed—either Slow or Slowest.
  • When you tap a new option, your iPhone will “buzz” three times to give you an idea of how quickly (or slowly) you need to double-click.

Bonus tip

Got an iPad? If so, you can use a special four- or five-finger gesture to switch between apps. Get the details right here.

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