If you’re looking to trim a few dollars off your monthly nut, look no further than your cable bill—and specifically, the monthly fee you’re paying to rent your cable modem.

Indeed, your cable carrier could be charging you up to $10 a month for your modem, which comes out to about $120 a year. And how many years have you been renting that cable modem? Yep, it starts to add up.

Instead, save some cash and buy a cable modem of your own, like this one from TP-Link. Normally about $60 but on sale for $40, the TP-Link TC-7610 is compatible with most of the big U.S. cable carriers, including Comcast, Cox, Charter, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable, and Xfinity. Just plug the cable coming out of your wall into the TP-Link modem, connect the modem to your Wi-Fi router, then call your ISP to help you with the activation process. Last but not least, enjoy the savings.

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