Ever heard of “sous vide” cooking? Apparently, it’s a method of sealing meat, fish, veggies, or just about anything else in a bag or a jar, then cooking it in a pot of water heated to precisely the right temperature. The result: perfectly cooked food, every time, and you can try it at home with this bargain-priced (and iPhone-friendly) cooker.

On sale for $119 (normally it’s $150), the Anova Precision Cooker clamps to the side of any pot. Fill the pot with water, drop your sealed into the pot, set the timer and temperature, then press Start. When the timer goes off, voilà! Your precision-cooked food is ready (although you’ll want to sear steaks and fish on a skillet before serving).

You can control the Anova cooker remotely via Bluetooth using your iPhone or Android phone, and the cooker comes with more than a thousand recipes plus a series of video guides. Check the video below for a demo—and eat your heart out, Gordon Ramsay.

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