They’re not cheap, but Sonos’s smart wi-fi speakers have top-notch sound quality. They put the tinny sound from cheaper Bluetooth speakers to shame. Indeed, my ears were pretty happy when I reviewed an older Sonos system a few years back.

You don’t often see Sonos smart wi-fi speakers on sale, but this Sonos PLAY:1 speaker is currently selling for $180, down 10 percent from its usual $200 price tag.

Unlike a Bluetooth speaker that streams tunes from your phone, this smart wi-fi speaker (Sonos PLAY:1 Smart Speaker) connects to your home Wi-Fi network and streams music directly. You can use streaming digital music services like Apple Music, Amazon Prime Music Unlimited, Spotify and Pandora.

Setup is a snap for this smart wi-fi speaker, and once the PLAY:1 is connected to your wireless network, you can control it from anywhere using an iOS or Android app. You can also add a second speaker for a stereo pair, or add more speakers in other rooms. You can even create different music “zones” within your house. Sounds good to me.

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