Just because you’re not willing to shell out $700—or, gulp, $1,000—for a new iPhone 8 or iPhone X doesn’t mean you have to miss out on charging your iPhone wirelessly.

On sale for $52 (48% off), this iPhone battery case from Mophie will let you charge your iPhone 7 using a wireless charging pad like this one (which I wrote about yesterday).

Just slide your iPhone 7 (or iPhone 7 plus, if you get this case) into the Mophie Juice Pack Wireless case, then place the case onto your “Qi”-compatible wireless charger to start charging wirelessly.

The Mophie case will charge your iPhone first before it begins charging its own built-in battery. Once your iPhone 7 and the Mophie case are both fully charged, you can expect up to 27 hours of battery life—not bad.

Check out the Mophie Juice Pack Wireless on Amazon!

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