Update: It looks like the Logitech Harmony Smart Remote has sold out through Amazon (it is available through third-party retailers at a higher price), but keep an eye out; it could be back soon.

Too many remote controls piled up on your coffee table? You can replace ’em all with a single universal remote, and this one from Logitech not only plays nice with your iPhone or Android phone, it’s also deeply discounted.

On sale today for $67 (normally it’s $130), the Logitech Harmony Smart Control includes a single handheld remote, plus a wireless “hub” that connects the remote to your TV and other home-theater devices (like your DVR, Apple TV, Roku, or game console). Also included: a mobile Harmony App that lets your iPhone or Android device take the place of the remote.

Once you’re done with the (relatively painless) setup, you can simply tap a button like “Watch DVR” or “Watch Apple TV,” and the Harmony Smart Control will automatically turn on the right devices and switch your TV to the correct input. Love it.

Check out the Harmony Smart Control on Amazon!

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