A shower speaker with a tail? Who knew? Other tech deals this Wednesday include a no-hassle car mount for iPhones and Android phones, a wall charger that’ll recharge your gadgets quickly and safely, and more.

RavPower 40W 4-Port Fast Charger

Price: $15.39 on Amazon (73% off)

Just one power outlet in your hotel room? No problem. This palm-sized wall charger from RavPower can charge up to four gadgets at once, including iPhones, iPads and Android phones. All four of the RavPower charger ports are designed to recharge your devices as quickly as possible, while the charger itself will protect your gadgets from power surges and shorts.

Lamicall Universal Car Phone Mount

Price: $9.74 on Amazon (25% off)

Mount your iPhone or Android phone on your car’s dashboard the easy way. This universal phone mount from Lamicall snaps into an air vent and holds your phone in place with a quartet of built-in magnets. Once you’ve connected your phone to the aluminum-alloy mount, you can nudge the screen in your direction or even rotate it 360 degrees.

Sabrent Premium 3-Port Aluminum USB 3.0 Hub with Card Reader

Price: $13 on Amazon (72% off)

Add a trio of speedy USB ports to your Mac or PC with this compact—and cheap—USB 3.0 hub. Not only can this Sabrent hub make it easier to connect mice, keyboard, external hard drives, and other USB peripherals to your system, its 7-in-1 card reader can quicky access memory cards from digital cameras and Android phones.

Polk Audio Boom Swimmer Bluetooth Speaker

Price: $19.73 on Amazon (originally $59)

Bring world-class audio into the shower with this nifty Polk Audio waterproof speaker. Armed with eight hours of battery life, the Boom Swimmer Bluetooth speaker can survive a dunk in three feet of water, and it’s tough enough to resist dirt, dust and shocks. You can bend the Boom’s flexible tail around shower curtain rods, handlebars, chain-link fences, you name it. Other colors of the Red speaker are selling for more than $50, but for whatever reason, this red version has a price tag south of $20.

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