R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 is the droid—er, console—you're looking forMicrosoft showed off its latest arm-waving, body-twisting Kinect games for the Xbox 360 at a swank event in Manhattan last night, but rather than swing a virtual golf club or pet an adorable (if digital) lion cub, I made a beeline for a new Xbox console that’s a dead ringer for one of my favorite droids in the galaxy.

Yes, meet the R2-D2-ized version of the Xbox 360 from the Limited Edition Kinect “Star Wars” Bundle, complete with the same white-and-blue panels, circular “eye,” and even the little red dot (what is that for, anyway?) that decorate our favorite glob of grease.

Tagging along with the Xbox R2-D2 360: a gold, C-3PO-colored Xbox 360 controller. Of course!

Other goodies in the “Star Wars” Xbox 360 bundle ($449, on sale starting December 31—yeah, that’s a bit of a wait) include a 360 GB hard drive and an off-white Kinect motion-control camera (which matches the R2-D2-themed console).

Also in the box: the upcoming “Star Wars” Kinect game, which lets you duel Sith lords with your lightsaber and pilot a hurtling pod racer (among other interstellar activities and mini-games) by waving your arms in the air.

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