Teorder RCA to HDMI ConverterWant to hook up your dusty VCR to your brand-new HDTV? If your HDTV set has a composite-video input (which, not all that long ago, they mostly did), then you’re all set. But if you’ve got a newer HDTV that lacks a composite-video connector, you’ll need a converter box like this one.

The Teorder RCA to HDMI Converter ($16 during today’s Amazon’s “Lightning” sale, or a still-reasonable $20 once the sale ends) is easy to use: just plug the composite-video cable and RCA audio cables from your VCR into one end of the converter, then plug an HDMI cable from your HDTV into the other end. The result: you’ll be able to play tapes from your VHS collection on your new HDTV, even if it’s a fancy 4K model.

Check out the Teorder RCA to HDMI Converter on Amazon!

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