If you’ve been holding out for a great deal on a portable battery charger for your iPhone or Android phone, now might be a good time to strike.

The $17.59 RavPower 12000 phone charger (75 percent off its $70 list price) boasts a pair of fast-charging USB ports. That means you can charge two devices at once, perfect for sharing a charge during a long-haul flight.

Once fully juiced up, the RavPower 12000 can charge an iPhone 7 more than four times over. The RavPower portable battery can also charge an iPad Mini up to 1.8 times, or a jumbo-sized phone like the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S7 up to three times.

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Weighing in at just shy of 12 ounces and about the size of an iPhone SE, the RavPower 12000 is small enough to slip in a pocket. It also comes with a pair of microUSB charging cables plus a travel pouch.

Check out the RavPower 12000 phone charger on Amazon!

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