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Lexar JumpDrive S37 128GB USB 3.0 flash driveYou can usually expect to pay $30 and up for 128GB thumb drive, particularly one that supports speedy USB 3.0 ports. That’s what makes this compact drive from Lexar worth a serious look.

Previously $40 but on sale now for $25, the Lexar JumpDrive S37 boasts 128GB of storage, enough to give a hefty storage boost to a MacBook Air or an ultralight Windows laptop. Also included: a retractable connector (meaning no easy-to-lose cap), a key-ring loop, and support for super-quick USB 3.0 file transfers. Read More

TP-Link TC-7610 cable modemIf you’re looking to trim a few dollars off your monthly nut, look no further than your cable bill—and specifically, the monthly fee you’re paying to rent your cable modem.

Indeed, your cable carrier could be charging you up to $10 a month for your modem, which comes out to about $120 a year. And how many years have you been renting that cable modem? Yep, it starts to add up. Read More

UE ROLL 2Don’t be afraid of getting this sweet-sounding portable Bluetooth speaker wet.

The compact but rugged UE ROLL 2 (normally about $95, but currently on sale for $82) can be dunked in a meter of water for 30 minutes without skipping a beat.

Boasting nine hours of battery life, the UE ROLL 2 can wirelessly stream tunes from your iPhone or Android phone, and it was named best portable Bluetooth speaker by The Wirecutter for its durability and “full,” “loud” sound. Read More

Anker PowerCore+ mini portable batteryNope, you don’t have to lug around a bulky portable battery to recharge your iPhone or Android phone’s dwindling battery in the middle of the day.

About the size of a lipstick and weighing in at just 2.7 ounces, the Anker PowerCore+ mini ($13, down from its $40 list price) packs in enough juice to give a standard-size iPhone or Android phone a full charge, or about a 70 percent charge to a jumbo iPhone 6/7 Plus or an Android “phablet.” Read More

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Can't find the Shuffle and Repeat buttons on the new iOS Music app?

As part of their endless tinkering with the Music app for iPhone and iPad (an app that I’ve been using less and less as it gets more and more confusing), the big brains at Apple made a particularly confounding decision: they hid the Shuffle and Repeat buttons from the iPhone’s main music playback screen. Here's where to find them. Read More

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