Rumored color Amazon tablet said to stream moviesMore chatter about new, probably LCD-screened tablet said to be on tap from Amazon, with researchers at Detwiler Fenton claiming that the color Kindle (or whatever the whispered-about tablet ends up being called) will stream movies from Amazon’s Instant Video service.

The streaming movies will “apparently be available for free to the first wave of buyers,” says Tech Trader Daily, which otherwise goes easy on the details.

Amazon has stopped short of actually confirming that it’s working on a color tablet, but CEO Jeff Bezos has been dropping some rather broad hints about a new tablet over the past few months.

Bezos has indicated that “any such device” is “more likely to supplement than to supplant the Kindle,” according to an earlier story from Consumer Reports.

here’s the thing: It’s sounding more and more likely that Amazon will bow a color tablet similar to the iPad and recent Android tablets, but don’t worry—it doesn’t sound like the current, e-book-focused Kindle is going anywhere.

Sources: Tech Trader Daily, Boy Genius Report