Apple's Back to School deal: Buy a Mac, get $100 worth of appsApps, apps, and more apps—that’s what college students and their Mac-purchasing teachers can expect to get from Apple’s annual Back to School promotion.

The deal kicks off today (Thursday, June 16) and runs through September 20, and any college student, parent, teacher, or school staffer who buys a Mac through Apple’s education store qualifies for a $100 Mac App Store credit. (Parents need to be buying a Mac for their college-bound kids, of course, while educators at any grade level—not just higher ed—can sign up.)

Want some tunes or e-books to go along with your back-to-school apps? No problem: Apple says you can apply the $100 credit toward songs on iTunes and digital volumes in the iBookstore, not to mention iPhone and iPad apps.

Macs available through Apple’s online education store range from $899 for the 13-inch white MacBook to $1,149 and up for a desktop iMac.