Verizon 4G wins crown for fastest data network, survey saysSo, which wireless carrier has the speediest data network in the U.S.? Simple question, but surprisingly tough to answer, with PC Magazine sending a half-dozen smartphone-toting road warriors across the country to get the scoop.

The big winner? Verizon Wireless and its speedy new 4G LTE network, which more or less smoked the competition with average download speeds more than twice as fast as T-Mobile, its nearest competitor.

Verizon’s 4G network also took the gold in all four of the biggest regions of the country, although AT&T sneaked ahead of Verizon in rural areas, according to the survey.

Impressive, but Verizon Wireless’ slower 3G data network slipped into the middle of the pack in PC Magazine’s nationwide results, bested by both AT&T and T-Mobile (which, by the way, have both been calling their networks “4G,” although there’s still much debate over what exactly constitutes a next-generation 4G network).

Make sure to check out PC Magazine for more detailed results and a city-by-city breakdown.

Source: PC Magazine