"Intelligent" wristband monitors your lifestyle, suggests "healthier" habitsNope, it’s not just another Lance Armstrong-style bracelet. Designed by Jawbone, makers of what many consider to be the most stylish Bluetooth headsets on the planet, this eye-catching, “intelligent” wristband will (supposedly, anyway) make you both look good and feel good.

Dubbed “UP” and armed with its own mobile software (including an app for the iPhone, judging from an online promo), this colorful, health-minded trinket “combines tracking, analysis, social and motivational elements,” according to Jawbone.

Specifically, UP will keep tabs on your daily activity—your movements, eating habits, even how well you sleep—and deliver “personalized” suggestions and “challenges” geared toward a “healthier” lifestyle, the company claims.

Um, “challenges”? Like what? And how will UP work, exactly—and how much will it cost?

Unfortunately, Jawbone seems content to leave us in suspense for now, promising only that UP will land “later this year.”