Want a new tablet for the holidays? Well, the cheapest iPad will set you back a whopping $270 (and that’s not even for this year’s model). Android tablets are less pricey, but a decent one will still cost you $100-plus. Before you throw in the towel, though, consider this: you can snag Amazon’s peppy, 7-inch Fire tablet for just $40.

The Fire (which comes in your choice of black, magenta, blue or tangerine) has front- and rear-facing cameras, making it perfect for video calls with your far-flung friends and relatives. You also get access to hundreds of apps through Amazon’s app store (including all the biggies, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). The Fire lets you stream thousands of movies and TV shows via Amazon Video—oh, and it doubles as a Kindle, too.

Check out the $40 Amazon Fire tablet here

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